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4×9 Leaflet Inserts

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Each of our customizable leaflets communicate uplifting and positive messages, while sharing your church's important contact information. We print your church Name, Address, Phone, Fax, E-mail and Website at the bottom.

These “slim” leaflets fit into our 4×9 Welcome Folders.

Choose from option “A” or “B”


Church Name

The name of your church EXACTLY as you wish it to appear on your printed materials.

Church Address

Address of your church or meeting location EXACTLY as you want it printed on your product.

City, State Zip Code

Write EXACTLY as you want it printed on your product.

Phone Number

What phone number or numbers would you like printed on your product for your visitors to reach you at?


Would you like a fax number printed on your product?


What email address or addresses would you like printed on your product for visitors to reach you?


Type your website EXACTLY as you would like it to be printed. ie- www.growthpartnersintl.com, http://growthpartnersintl.com, GrowthPartnersIntl.com

Additional Questions or Information

Enter any additional information or questions regarding this particular product here. We will review any special requests or questions and respond as soon as possible.

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Additional information


100 ($59), 200 ($79), 300 ($99), 400 ($123), 500 ($139), 600 ($155), 700 ($165), 800 ($173), 900 ($179), 1,000 ($185)

Leaflet Style

A: "We're Glad You're Here", B: "…Is Glad You're Here Today"


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