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About Community Canvas Mailings


  1. You have a special event or service coming up, such as Easter.
  2. A visiting pastor or speaker is presenting at your church.
  3. You have a new satellite church opening nearby.
  4. Your church is hosting a concert or fundraising event.


With Community Canvass Mailing, you select the neighborhoods in your town and around your church by mail carrier route- as few as 1000 or as many as 5000 addresses! Our mailing specialist will help you walk through the entire process.


No Lists – you don’t have to compile, or worse, pay for a list of addresses in your area.
No Hassle – we design your mailing piece, print, prep and send your mailing directly to your local post office for distribution in your area.

POSTAGE AS LOW AS 29¢ a piece – that’s almost a third of the price of a standard letter stamp!

Here are some examples of pricing – these prices include:
Design of a completely custom postcard with your church and event info!
Printing of the desired amount of pieces for mailing.
Postage included!

Ready to really reach out to the community?

Browse from templates below or design a custom piece with our team. Due to the varying quantities of every direct mailing, these templates are not available in our online catalog. Please contact us when you have a template or idea in mind.