“Better” Website Development

$50.00 / month and a $750.00 sign-up fee

$800 to start & $50/mo

First $50/mo subscription payment is automatically renewed 30 days after purchase, and will continue to bill each month until service cancellation.

Includes the following content: Home Page, About Page, Beliefs Page, Contact Form, Location Map, Social Media Links, and Donations (through Paypal Only)

This package includes all the essentials for your church to begin building a functional and efficient presence online.

If you’re looking for a more advanced and interactive website, take a look at our “Best” Website Development package.

Development process typically takes 30 days or less.  This timeline is subject to change if we encounter delays in receiving the requested content.  To get an idea of what we’ll need, download Brand Discovery & Content Checklist.

For custom solutions, contact us.